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Over the last century, millions of readers from around the world have come to know and love Anne of Green Gables, and Prince Edward Island is where devotees come to celebrate her. Those who love the books or the TV miniseries make their way to Green Gables Shore in pilgrimage-like fashion to visit the many sites that pay tribute to their favourite red-haired heroine and her creator, Lucy Maud Montgomery. While Anne may be the principal attraction for many, Green Gables Shore has more beauty and mystique up its sleeve. The region is a spectacular piece of Prince Edward Island's acclaimed scenic landscape composed of red sandstone cliffs, white sand beaches and rolling farm fields. Some of the classic coastline has been protected in the PEI National Park which hugs the central north shore. Cavendish Grove is an ideal entry way into the Park with its walking trails, picnic grounds and stand of sugar maples. Golfers have a hard decision to make since Green Gables Shore has more than 11 courses located just minutes apart. Why not stay long enough to play a round at each!

For family fun, spending time in Cavendish is a must-do. There are amusement parks, mini golf, water slides and restaurants that cater to all ages and tastes. Just down the road, in North Rustico, adventure seekers can choose from kayaking, canoeing or deep-sea fishing. Give in to the lure of the sea and head out onto the ocean for a fresh perspective of the stunning coastline. Back on land, couples and families can take a trip down memory lane at the local drive-in theatre. Or, for a unique way to get those romantic sparks flying, you can treat your partner to a dance lesson inside a completely refurbished pig barn in Wheatley River. The owners are former amateur champions and don't mind a bit if you have two left feet. To awaken your spiritual side, be sure to take in The Indian River Festival Fine Music Series.

It takes place at St. Mary's Church, the largest wooden church on PEI, and its incredible acoustics make attending a concert here a truly heavenly experience. Green Gables Shore has a variety of accommodations to suit any type of getaway. There are lovely cottages, bed and breakfasts, historic inns and four-star resorts, or for those who prefer to be closer to nature, well-equipped campgrounds with easy access to the beach. Even if you have never heard of Anne of Green Gables, this region can satisfy your wish for a variety-filled vacation itinerary that could include beach, golf, theatre, music, nature walks and sea kayaking all within an easy 20 minutes of each other.

Buying PEI Property

The Prince Edward Island Real Estate market is a steady, stable environment. Century21 Northumberland Realty has a wide inventory of properties including PEI homes, cottages and PEI waterfront properties. PEI has been a hub of tourist activity for decades, priding itself on memorable scenery, challenging golf, tantalizing seafood and hospitable residents. Many visitors decide to invest in Prince Edward Island real estate as a means to enjoy PEI and watch their money grow safely through their property investments. Buying PEI land, or any type of PEI real estate, if you are not a resident presents no problem. The IRAC guidelines for PEI land acquisition are easy to understand and I can walk you through the process with ease.

The Prince Edward Island Real Estate market has grown at a steady pace over the past decade. Both sales and values have posted increases from year to year. We are however still quite inexpensive when compared to other eastern seaboard locales for similar properties. PEI waterfront has led the way in property value increase. Demand for PEI land & PEI waterfront has increased, as has demand for all our water based properties. I have the pleasure of having some phenomenal, well developed and maintained sub divisions in my arsenal of PEI waterfront, oceanfront and riverfront properties that are a sound investment and will provide for years of enjoyment. Moreover, you can enjoy your PEI investment from early May until the end of October. Spring brings renewed color and vibrancy to the Island; Summer is pleasant and warm with mitigating ocean breezes; while Fall is a splendid display of brilliant colors and the perfect time to commune with nature.

Real estate in PEI consists of two separate markets. PEI homes are typically local acquisitions although a few find their way into the hands of individuals looking for PEI cottages and/or recreational properties. PEI homes can vary drastically in price. Many are available for the entry market with a price tag under $100k whereas, others will fetch close to or even exceed the million dollar mark, these being superbly finished, oceanfront PEI real estate. On average PEI real estate prices offer solid value for purchasers. A growing market trend in the PEI real estate market is the retiree. Electing to spend their pension years in a smaller, safer environment, they also benefit from the sale of their home in other areas of the country and reinvesting in PEI real estate usually with money spare to invest in income supplementing financial instruments. The difference often represents living mortgage free and in some instances having extra monthly income available.

Real estate agents in PEI do not tend to specialize in any particular branch of the real estate market. As such this site carries in excess of 500 properties and I can offer my services to individuals looking for recreational, residential or commercial properties. As an Island agent, I can also represent your interests in the purchase of any MLS listing regardless of which agent or company represents the vendor. In addition to these listings, I often carry exclusive listings, for those I recommend you call or email me to see what is available. Talking about oneself is never easy but necessary when you are in a public forum. In a few short years I have positioned myself as the top agent in PEI (2008). This accomplishment is a direct result of hard work, good marketing skills and above all being well known and respected by the people of my area, north central PEI. I deeply appreciate the trust people put in me and hope to earn yours in the near future.

Marketing Your Property

The Days of Posting a Sign on your lawn to sell your home are gone! That is not to say that the sign in of it self has no value, but rather I am stating that it is not enough to guarantee a sale . Unlike the large markets, as your agent I must spend a lot of energy, thought and more importantly resources advertising your listing to sell it. The average length a time it takes to sell a home in Summerside is 3 months. The average time increases to roughly 6 months if the residence is located out of town. This is based on a generalization from MLS statistics. Obviously some homes take less time then others. Most clients like the less time factor and worry about the more aspects. There are many factors that affect a homes ability to sell quickly in our market but a few of these are absolutely fundamental to success. Namely, the asking price and the marketing efforts define saleability in any market.

The Asking Price

I usually use an absurd example here to get my point across. If you list your house for $1.00, I will guarantee it will sell within 24 hours (worst case scenario I'll buy myself!). However if your home is worth $150,000 on the local market and you ask me to get you a cool $1,000,000...then don't pack up the kids just yet. The point is simple, you have to be priced according to the market. Again this being a smaller market, no two homes are identical. However, I can help you by providing you with a CMA. A comparative market analysis. It will show you what is on the market in your price range, what has sold recently in that range and what is still sitting waiting to be sold and will act as competition to your sale. The hardest part for home owner is to settle on an asking price. We (myself included) often think our home is worth more. As your agent I have to be objective and can guide you but in the end you have to be happy with the price also. Most agents will give you a range, the lower end will sell faster; the upper end will take a little more time and effort. I will walk away from listing a house priced to high. Why? I'm running a business. My pay check will come from selling your home. Until then I incur all advertising costs...and they mount quickly. If there is no hope of selling because the asking price is to high; then all I would be doing is throwing money out the door. Experience agents understand this principle, that's why they are still in business servicing their clients. I plan on being here for you for a long long time.


Ok so we've come to terms on price, now as your agent I can begin working on your behalf. The listings paper work gets submitted, the property gets listed on MLS and on our companies 20+ sites, and a sign goes up. Wonderful! Now all the I have to do is sit around and wait for the offer to come in to make a living...WRONG! There are many things a knowledgeable agent will do for you at this time. These steps vary from agent to agent or in the order they might execute them but this is all behind the scene stuff that makes the offer become a reality.

These can include inviting the office to view the listing during our weekly meeting. Having other agents familiar with your property will help sell it. How? Because when their buyers give them a list of what they want and your house matches most of those criteria's, they will not hesitate to show it so they can achieve the sale part of the deal. (For those of you who aren't that familiar with MLS, that is how it works. Agents split commissions between listing and selling side. One agent from one company can list your home and another agent from another company can sell it and they both get half the commission). MLS helps other agents from other offices know about your listing. Sometimes an agent will hold an open house for agents only from all companies to show case it for the same reasons he/she would invite the office to view it.

Now with every agent on the Island knowing your house is for sale, it's bound to sell. Well maybe. It does not hurt to notify the general public that it is for sale. After all it will be someone from the public that will eventually make the offer. How do we do that? Depends on the agent/office.

I will focus on what I do for my clients. I encourage you to ask your prospective agent prior to signing a contract what they will do for you in specific terms, after you sign it is kind of late.

I use the following methodologies for moving properties. Locally I can advertise your property in the newspaper and on Cable TV. In addition, I operate various web sites with different focus (some more on the local market and others design to get the attention of the "Away" market). Our Island coverage also includes running offices out of Borden, Kensington and Summerside. I cover the Island with print, TV, and web. There are many more methods that I use to help sell listings for my clients. They may include email marketing, direct marketing, and agent handshaking. Our office has even sent agents out to Alberta, Toronto, Las Vegas and China to help establish relationships with potential agents/buyers. In addition, during the course of the year you can find my listed properties advertised in single issue national publications, here national radio and TV ads or any multitude of venues. I also have a couple of strategic methods that I employ which are exclusive to my success and will not disclose them here!

The equations is simple, the more people that know your property is for sale, the better the chance of finding a qualified buyer. This level of effort has helped make me the #1 AGENT ON PEI for 2008. Century21 Northumberland the #1 company in our area for MLS listings and revenue. But the real reason I do it is simple - you deserve it! My personal view of real estate is not summarized in one sale but it is in the establishing of long term successful relationships. If you are looking to sell your property, I can help and would be happy to do so!

Glistening Waters

Best Views on PEI. This one of a kind property located in scenic French River boasts stunning views from every direction. Minutes from beautiful white sand beaches and championship golf courses. Once you see this property you will never forget it.Unbeatable at $59,900 per acre lot (approx) with buried underground electrical.

Take Home Memories! In the central north shore of PEI, it is possible to spend a whole day, or several, simply touring the many and varied craft shops featuring wonderful Island-made pottery, sweaters, quilts and woodworking. The products are superb and even the locations are fascinating, ranging from fine country inns to quaint old schoolhouses and barns.And don't forget golfing as Anne's Land provides choices from a grand total of eleven courses and that's not counting mini-golf! For families looking for action, Anne's Land has it in abundance! Water slides, adventure parks, deep-sea fishing and kayaking. You will ever hear the dreaded whine I'm bored.

Elsewhere in Anne's Land, visitors will find the landscape so lovingly depicted by Montgomery: "rolling farm fields stretching down to the shore, red cliffs and tiny villages". Some of the most scenic areas of the Island are found along the Blue Heron Drive, pastoral vistas so typical of Prince Edward Island.With only 12 properties, these lots are destined to move fast at this incredible price. Call toll free 1-888-268-2111 or email to ensure you get one of these magnificent parcels!

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